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April 3, 2017< 1 min read

Harris ERP Volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

On February 9, approximately 40 Harris ERP employees from all offices gathered together in Irvine, California (Questys Headquarters) for a charity event at Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. We worked together in the Second Harvest Food Distribution Center, and the volunteer organizers there put us to work straight away.

In groups of four, we huddled over enormous bins of apples. Our job was to sort and bag the apples so that Second Harvest could distribute them to the needy in Orange County.

The charity has been providing food for the hungry since 1983, and feeds more than 200,000 people each month.

All in all, the Harris ERP team sorted and bagged nearly thirteen thousand pounds of apples in less than two hours (12,964lbs. to be exact). When that task was finished, we moved on to create an assembly line for putting vital allergy warnings on appropriate boxes of cereal and other dried foods.

It was a rewarding and fun team-building experience. Harris ERP also generously donated $500 to Second Harvest to help the organization continue its mission.