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Our Core Values Unite and Guide us


Our first and most important value for a reason – so important that you’ll be asked to pursue your career elsewhere if you don’t live it.

Respect of the Individual

We believe that discipline is far more effective than motivation and we use it to drive our focus on operational excellence in everything we do. We know it is hard to be consistently disciplined – but we are up for the challenge.

Discipline: Unwavering and Relentless Focus

We all have problems, what we value are people who want to find solutions – often by standing back and applying common sense.

Solutions, not Problems: Common Sense

Dreams, both personal and professional, are the things that matter most to our employees. Dream realization creates highly engaged employees – just the people we want to work with and have engage with our customers.

Dream Realization

While most of us don’t like receiving bad news, we believe it is the first step in allowing us to move forward and get back on track – the sooner we address it, the better.

Bad News Does not Get Better with Time

The biggest problem with communication, is the illusion that it has happened. We focus on communicating and sharing what we have learned, so others can benefit and make better decisions.

Communicate and Share knowledge

We believe that learning is a journey – one that is never complete. We also believe in the importance of understanding the cause and effect of our experiences.

Understanding; Learning

We believe that the best decisions are made by those closest to them. We also believe in empowering our employees to make their own decisions by helping them develop their professional judgement.

Empowerment: At the Point of Contact

Nothing is someone else’s responsibility – we all have a role to play and we all need to be willing to do our part. Blaming others doesn’t move us forward or solve problems – owning them does.

Accountability; Responsibility; Ownership

We don’t expect our employees to always like the decisions that need to be made, but we do expect them to understand their reality as it is and not as they would like it to be.

Understand Reality; Make Difficult Decisions


Learn about our ten core values and how they unite and guide us as a company.