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YIR 2023
January 23, 20242 min read

Looking Back on 2023 | Harris Year-in-Review

Growth in 2023

Another year, another impressive group of businesses joining the organization. Having completed 29 acquisitions, we had the pleasure of welcoming over 1,500 employees and 7,100 customers to Harris.

Core Verticals

Reflecting on 2023, Harris made significant efforts to further expand in non-core industries, as nearly half of our acquisitions were in verticals outside of healthcare, public sector, and utilities. Notably, our telecommunications and insurance portfolios saw massive success this year. The impressive potential behind these two recently-formed portfolios were the result of our Mid America Computer Corporation and Agency Software acquisitions from 2022.

Growth Beyond Core

Highlight in healthcare: MEDHOST

Harris closed another significant acquisition in the healthcare space by acquiring MEDHOST, Inc.. MEDHOST is a 40-year veteran in the patient care solutions space, and will continue to operate independently in Harris' healthcare group.

MEDHOST Press Release Graphic


Breaking into new and exciting destinations: InterFile and Modyo

2023 saw our first foray in the Latin American and African markets!

InterFile is a staple software solutions provider for South Africa, as every single South African citizen uses one or more of Interfile’s creations, from paying tax to obtaining an ID card/passport, filing for unemployment or interacting with and paying for local municipal services.

Modyo simplifies the digital customer experience for not only the people of Chile, but also the greater Latin American market in countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico, as well as the international market in Germany, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

These two acquisitions are critical milestones for Harris' global expansion, and act as stepping stones for future growth in these regions.

InterFile Press Release Graphic Modyo Press Release Graphic


Strong relationships with M&A Advisors

The M&A community continues to offer critical resources and expert knowledge for sellers and buyers alike, and it is built upon strong connections. Harris values the relationships it fosters with its M&A Advisors, and this year was no exception: over one third of our 2023 acquisitions involved an M&A advisor or professional. We had the pleasure of working with the following firms in 2023:

OM Partners Alpina Vertical Landmark Alantra Group

When working with Harris, M&A Advisors can find assurance in our reliable processes and experienced in-house teams who are equally committed to finding the best solutions and creating optimal outcomes for sellers.



While we look forward to the acquisitions to come in 2024, we are also excited by the diversity of businesses we acquired in 2023, and the unparalleled growth they will have with Harris. The organizations acquired through this past year showcase Harris' drive to actively pursue best-of-breed software solutions within our existing and new verticals and geographies.

For more information, contact:

Jared Burry
Corporate Marketing Lead
(902) 626-6770

About Harris

Harris acquires vertical market software businesses, manages them using industry best practices, and builds them for the future. Through acquisitions, Harris has grown extensively from its roots in the utilities, local government, education, and healthcare sectors to operate over 230 businesses globally across more than twenty industries. Harris is an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), one of North America’s most active acquirers of software businesses.