Fort Bend County, Texas to Gain 360 Degree View of Incoming Revenue with System Innovators’ iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management Solution.
June 1, 2017

Fort Bend County is the sixth Texas government to choose iNovah to mitigate risk of audit failure, increase cash controls, and automate business processes.

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce that Fort Bend County, Texas has selected iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM) solution to pay, consolidate and manage revenue streams across the County. The modernization project will be implemented County wide to standardize the cashiering, reconciliation, reporting and auditing of over 250,000 annual transactions across multiple departments.

“System Innovators’ expertise in the payments industry and exclusive solution for governments was a key differentiator from the other vendors,” said Robyn Doughtie, Applications and Systems Programming Manager for Fort Bend County, “iNovah is fully capable of interfacing with our County’s current environment, provide flexible payment options for citizens, is PCI compliant as well as provides business intelligence through comprehensive statistical, reporting and auditing.”

iNovah will replace manual business practices including the time the County spent manually updating the general ledger system from spreadsheets on a monthly basis. This process risked human error and duplication of efforts as each department would complete this task in various ways.

“We are very pleased to be the vendor of choice for Fort Bend County.” Stated Greg Whitnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, System Innovators, “iNovah will enable the County to efficiently report incoming revenue and customer payment information accurately in real-time with comprehensive auditing that allows departments to easily research and trace payments to ensure financial accuracy and control.”

System Innovators looks forward to working with the County during the implementation.

About System Innovators

System Innovators is a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation and a leading provider of financial management and customer information system software solutions. Enterprise revenue management offerings include iNovah ERM, a fully configurable PCI compliant payment collection, cashiering and financial reporting solutions. Specializing in citizen self-service, revenue management, auditing and financial reporting, System Innovators’ products integrate seamlessly with hundreds of websites, deposit banks, payment card gateway providers, and host and financial systems. For more information, please visit