City of Phoenix, Arizona to Modernize Cashiering Solution with System Innovators’ iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management.
May 8, 2017

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce that the City of Phoenix, Arizona has signed an agreement to modernize its legacy cashiering solution with iNovah, an enterprise grade revenue management solution trusted by over 120 Governments across North America.

The modernization to iNovah is well-timed as Governments are increasingly looking to gain economies of scale within the information technology and finance areas. Leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies, iNovah will enable the City to provide many more payment options for City customers, while consolidating and managing up to 500,000 annual transactions across multiple departments.

With over 100 standard reports that have been developed in conjunction with our clients, iNovah will provide the City with comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities. iNovah supports any number of tenders such as e-check, cash, credit card, money orders, internal transfer, money order, contactless payments (android pay, apple pay, etc.) and more.

“We are very pleased to have our customer of more than 20 years modernize their cashiering and revenue management with our latest solution,” Stated Jeff Sumner, Executive Vice President of System Innovators, “Having one system of record to manage revenues and update financial systems will enable the City to streamline revenue management procedures, provide greater consumer choice and take advantage of the latest knowledge and experience System Innovators has to offer.”

System Innovators looks forward to providing its expertise and support during this implementation in modernizing Phoenix’s cashiering and revenue management system.

About System Innovators

System Innovators is a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation and a leading provider of financial management and customer information system software solutions. Enterprise revenue management offerings include iNovah ERM, a fully configurable PCI PA –DSS compliant payment collection, cashiering and financial reporting solution. Specializing in citizen self-service, revenue management, auditing and financial reporting, System Innovators’ products integrate seamlessly with hundreds of websites, deposit banks, payment card gateway providers, and host and financial systems. For more information, please visit