City of Edmonton, Hennepin County to Join System Innovators Cashiering for Government Workshop in Ontario
April 19, 2017

Are you worried about what to do about your current cashiering and point of sale solution? Do you want to move off of your legacy cashiering solution but don’t know how? Do you wish you could talk to other Governments that have effectively replaced legacy cashiering solutions?

System Innovators, the leading provider of centralized cashiering and enterprise revenue management solutions, will be holding a half-day educational workshop on migrating from legacy to modern centralized Government cashiering on April 26th, 2017 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, Richmond Hill, ON. This workshop is free of charge to local governments in Ontario looking for guidance on replacing legacy cashiering solutions. Lunch provided.

In this workshop you will,

  • Discover how the City of Edmonton and Hennepin County have modernized their cashiering solutions, streamlined business operations and gained greater cash control, reconciliation, auditing and reporting capabilities.
  • See and review the leading product trusted by over over 120+ Governments across North America are live with our flagship centralized cashiering and enterprise revenue management solution, iNovah.
  • Connect with your local peers in government and gain new insights on how to gain greater operational efficiency within your enterprise. Discover iNovah.

Imagine what you could be doing if you didn’t have to worry about your existing cashiering solution.

Learn more about the workshop.

About System Innovators

System Innovators is a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation and a leading provider of financial management and customer information system software solutions. Enterprise revenue management offerings include iNovah ERM, a fully configurable PCI compliant payment collection, cashiering and financial reporting solutions. Specializing in citizen self-service, revenue management, auditing and financial reporting, System Innovators’ products integrate seamlessly with hundreds of websites, deposit banks, payment card gateway providers, and host and financial systems. For more information, please visit