City of Fort Worth, Texas Selects System Innovators’ iNovah for Centralized Cashiering
February 27, 2017

15 of the largest 30 Cities in the United States have chosen System Innovators iNovah for enterprise revenue management and cashiering

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce that Texas’ fifth largest city and the 16th largest city in the US the City of Fort Worth, has selected SI’s iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM) and Centralized Cashiering solution. iNovah will replace the City’s non-integrated legacy cashiering solution within the Department of Financial Management Services (FMS) and select City departments to standardize payment processing and cash receipting while streamlining citizen facing payment processes.

The Department of Financial Management Services processes thousands of payments annually including city wide billing and license renewals through cash, check and credit card payments on behalf of several city departments through a non-integrated cashiering solution. Utilizing a non-integrated cashiering solution for multiple city department’s risks duplication of receipting, reporting and reconciliation as well as human error and lost time.

“We wanted to ensure we selected a centralized cashiering solution that would be right for our enterprise now and over the long term. System Innovators presented us with a business case that made us confident to move forward with iNovah ERM and Centralized Cashiering solution.” stated Aaron Bovos, Chief Financial Officer for the City of Fort Worth.

The City will modernize its use of multiple merchant card devices, customer account systems and cash drawers each dedicated to one or more types of payments with a fully integrated City-Wide cashiering solution to gain economies of scale in the management and operation.

“System Innovators is pleased to provide the City of Fort Worth with the leading cashiering solution for government.” stated Greg Whitnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for System Innovators, “iNovah will improve the City’s cash control processes, provide a single point of reporting, reconciling and audit for all revenues as well as provide improved customer service in billing and payment processing.”

iNovahs’ configurability and ability to integrate to other account receivable/billing host systems allows the centralized cashiering and enterprise revenue management solution to be readily adopted across other City departments including Parks, Courts, Library, and Police. System Innovators looks forward to working closely with the City of Fort Worth to implement iNovah.

About System Innovators

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