System Innovators and ACCEO Solutions Inc. Release Semi-Integrated EMV Credit Card Payment Processing Solution for Government Agencies
October 31, 2016

MONTREAL, Oct. 31, 2016 | PRNewswire - System Innovators (SI), a leading provider of centralized cashiering and enterprise revenue management (ERM), and ACCEO Solutions, a leader in payment solutions, have partnered to offer government clients an EMV-certified, semi-integrated point-of-sale (POS) middleware solution with end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

iNovah EMV Direct combines SI's iNovah ERM point-of-sale solution with the ability to accept EMV transactions from multiple credit card processors while securely encrypting customer data to mitigate clients' risk of card-present fraud utilizing E2EE. The semi-integrated solution offers clients with increased fraud protection, greater operational efficiency, secure transactions and the ability to route transactions directly to their processor of choice.

"ACCEO's knowledge and years of experience in developing payment-processing middleware were key criteria for selecting their middleware solution to bring EMV-processing capabilities to our clients. The new module for iNovah, "EMV Direct", allows our clients to accept EMV transactions from many top-tier credit card processors in North America. This partnership aligns us with our goal of providing the freedom to aggregate credit card processing with a vendor of choice to our clients", said Greg Whitnell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at System Innovators.

The flexibility and scalability of iNovah EMV Direct put government clients in control of their enterprise, with the ability to integrate seamlessly into any infrastructure and choose the terminal software that best suits clients' needs and budgets. Not only will the semi-integrated solution support payment from cards embedded with chip and PIN technology, but consumers will benefit from the freedom to use multiple payment methods, such as using contactless, smartphone, mobile POS, debit and credit payments.

"We pride ourselves as being one of the leading payment solution providers in North America. However, this being said, we would not have achieved the significant growth and success we are experiencing in the US market without great partnerships. We are extremely pleased to be associated with System Innovators. Their complementary expertise and solutions enhance the value proposition for clients, which is always the ultimate goal", said Joey Vaccaro, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances at ACCEO.

The partnership enables choice among government clients and paves the way to further drive the adoption of processors and terminals.

About System Innovators

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About ACCEO Solutions Inc.

Leading Canadian IT company ACCEO Solutions specializes in the design, implementation and integration of, and support for, management software; e-business development; and payment, professional, and technical services. Deployed in major retailers throughout the United States and Canada, ACCEO Tender Retail is a North American leader in the payment industry and one of the first EMV-ready payment solutions with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) in North America.

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