The Town of Grimsby, ON Moves to Latest CityView Suite
January 7, 2016

CityView will enable Grimsby inspectors to make updates directly from the field

CityView is pleased to announce that the Town of Grimsby, Ontario, a customer since year 2000, will move from their custom CityView system to the off the shelf solutions for Permits & Inspections and Bylaw Enforcement. The upgrade will provide the Town with CityView’s latest technologies and position it for growth to include add-on components available with the integrated suite.

Grimsby will incorporate mobile capabilities for building and bylaw enforcement inspections, enabling inspectors with real time access to the CityView system directly from the field, improving productivity and eliminating duplicate data entry.

John R. Schonewille, Director of Building and Enforcement for the Town, explains the decision: “The system will improve on our abilities to deliver an on-time and efficient permitting system to our customers. In addition, the new product has the capability to be used in the field, eliminating some duplication in our office. Our goal is to one day add the online portal for permitting, allowing more convenience to our users. In the by-law usage, we hope to be able to share property-related issues with others in the office in a much more centralized and accessible location.”

“We’re glad to be able to provide the Town of Grimsby with an efficient and cost-effective path from their custom-built application to the flexible, off the shelf solutions of the CityView suite today,” said Sean Higgins, Executive Vice President of CityView. “The Town will gain the benefits of our technology evolution as well as the advantages of the total, integrated CityView suite, not least of which is the ability to add on additional components easily and quickly to continuously enhance productivity and citizen service.”

Grimsby is rich in history and small town charm. It is a destination spot for visitors year round, with a vibrant arts & culture scene, ample recreation opportunities, and a wonderful selection of shopping and dining in stunning natural surroundings.

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