City of Santa Fe, New Mexico to implement Advanced Utility Systems' CIS Infinity
February 20, 2014

Santa Fe, NM and Toronto, ON - Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation (Advanced), proudly announces that the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico (the City) has selected Advanced’s flagship customer information and billing system, CIS Infinity, along with its complementary solutions Infinity.Link and Infinity.Mobile.


The City of Santa Fe is the state capital and is the fourth largest city in New Mexico. The City is also the oldest capital city in the United States. Santa Fe is considered very rich in history, melding Hispanic, Anglo and Native American cultures whose influences are apparent in the region’s architecture, food, and art. The City provides water, sewer and refuse services to over 40,000 customers in and outside of the city limits, billed on a monthly basis.


The City’s current customer information and billing system (CIS) lacked robust functionality and automation in the areas of rates management, reporting, service order management and security. With growing customer service demands, the City decided an entire CIS replacement would be required. 


During the fall of 2012, the City initiated its formal procurement process by choosing an industry consultant, Schafer Consulting, to assist with business process reviews and functional requirements gathering. During the summer of 2013, Advanced provided a comprehensive bid in response to the City’s request for proposal which addressed all of the City’s project goals. Advanced also presented CIS Infinity onsite to City staff with an in-depth multi-day software demonstration.  


As mentioned by the City’s Utility Billing Division Director, Peter Ortega, “We needed a CIS solution that was efficient and could improve our customer service operations. We want to empower our customer service representatives by providing them with the tools that they need to provide excellent service. Through a thorough evaluation process, we felt that Advanced and CIS Infinity was the best fit for the City.”


In addition to Advanced’s flagship CIS Infinity, the City also selected Infinity.Link for online web self-service and Infinity.Mobile for automated service order management. Both Infinity.Link and Infinity.Mobile are integrated real-time to CIS Infinity to reduce errors and eliminate manual processes.

Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President, for Advanced states, “We are very excited to have the City of Santa Fe as part of our client base as they are our first customer in the state of New Mexico. CIS Infinity is an excellent fit for the City and it will provide exceptional automation and functionality to meet the City’s demands. ”   


The implementation is well underway as Advanced staff was onsite at the City to kick-off the implementation last month.


About Harris Utilities


Harris Utilities, an operating group of Harris Computer Systems, is the leading provider of utility technology in North America and the Caribbean. Harris Utilities provides enterprise level integrated solutions for customer information, utility billing, financial management, and smart grid applications. With over 35 years of industry experience, thousands of customers depend on our portfolio of focused products developed directly for the utilities market.


Its Advanced Utility Systems division was established in 1997 to provide Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to utilities and municipalities. Advanced has built its organization around its core competency: serving utilities’ needs with state-of-the art software and support.


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Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President

Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation

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Peter Ortega, Utility Billing Division Director

City of Santa Fe

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