County of Ventura Live on CIS Infinity
June 18, 2013

Ventura County, CA and Toronto, Canada. June 18, 2013

County of Ventura Water and Sanitation Department (Department) has completed their implementation of CIS Infinity, the customer information and billing solution from Advanced Utility Systems.


“The County experienced a very successful and uneventful go-live,” states Anne Dana,Staff Services Manager for the Department. “The extra time invested both by the County and Advanced in training, testing, and the business process review, as part of the implementation methodology, really proved to be beneficial.These were key factors in the overall success of our project.”


The Department had been using their legacy system since 1992 and it had served them well in the past. However, it was no longer going to be supported. As a result,the Department had an opportunity to replace it with a more modern and flexible system.


“We needed a system that offered extensive functionality and the ability to handle complex billing rates and water allocations for our six separate divisions.  Of all the systems considered, CIS Infinity was best able to meet our business requirements.” Dana said.


The core functionality of CIS Infinity will not only replace the fundamental features of the Department’s legacy system but will also address the requirements of their new business practices. Some of the main features the Department is taking advantage of that were not available before, include, automated actions for previously paper-based items such as service orders, robust ad hoc reporting tools as well as search and filtering functions.


The Department will also be implementing Infinity.Link which will give the Department’s customers access to their billing histories and the ability to pay their bills online.


Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President for Advanced comments on the advantages CIS Infinity and Infinity.Link provides to the Department, “Our solutions support the Department in the modernization of their operations. The comprehensive features, automation, payment options and tools that are provided as standard, offers a wealth of efficiencies not previously available to their meter-to-cash cycle.”


For additional information contact:


Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President

Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation
(888) 355-7772 x231


Anne Dana, Staff Services Manager

County of Ventura Water and Sanitation Department

(805) 378-3005

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