Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc. aligns with Harris Utilities
May 2, 2013

Ottawa, ON—Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc., a leading provider ofengineering, operations and customer service software to more than 1,000 electricutilities in North America and the Caribbean, has recognized Harris Utilities andits products as representing significant potential value to Milsoft customers.


Witha mutual and non-exclusive understanding, Milsoft believes that customerschoosing to leverage the Harris family of products to meet their growing needswill benefit from Harris’s class-leading customer information systems andfinancial management solutions. Milsoft will introduce appropriate customers toMeterSense and CustomerConnect—the meter data management and customerengagement solutions from Harris.


MeterSenseis an advanced meter data management solution that transforms raw smart meterdata into valuable business intelligence and enables utilities to improvebusiness processes and enhance customer service. It offers best-in-classanalytics, sophisticated reporting tools and advanced functionality to enablebusiness process improvements. The latest version of MeterSense can be scaledto serve as many as one million customers, yet can be implemented in modules toserve the discrete needs of utilities of any size.


CustomerConnect,meanwhile, is an online data presentment tool that enables consumers to viewand interpret their consumption patterns. Such data helps end users makesmarter choices about resource use, reduce their bills and support utilityconservation goals.


“By introducing our customers to quality utility managementproducts such as MeterSense and CustomerConnect, and by and supporting themduring their evaluation of such products, I believe Milsoft can create evenfurther value for its customers,” said Brian Carr, Vice President of Sales andMarketing for Milsoft Utility Solutions, Inc. “Harris has a proven track recordfor providing utilities with excellent products.”


For Harris Utilities, this relationship withMilsoft represents an opportunity to further serve the needs of cooperativesand municipal utilities, and to present its market-leading solutions to theMilsoft family of users. Harris will also introduce Milsoft’s industry leadingoutage management software, interactive voice response technology andengineering analysis tools to its own customer base and prospects asappropriate.


“Milsoft’ssolutions are known to be best in class in the utilities space,” said Norm Daigle, Executive VicePresident of Harris Utilities SmartWorks, the smart grid innovation engine ofHarris Utilities that created MeterSense and CustomerConnect. “It’stremendously valuable to us to have our solutions validated by such a reputablevendor.”


TheMilsoft/Harris relationship is an exciting opportunity that will enable bothcompanies to better serve their prospective and existing customers.



AboutMilsoft Utility Solutions, Inc.

The Milsoft team has provided industry leadingengineering and operations software and support to electric utilities in the UnitedStates and abroad for more than 25 years. Some 1,000 utilities, consultants,universities and others use Milsoft solutions for planning, analysis andoperations. Milsoft’s E&O System integrates Milsoft’s Engineering Analysis,Outage Management, Geographic Information, Field Engineering and IVRCommunications with each other and with a utility’s other applications and datato enable the most efficient and effective planning, operation and management ofan intelligent grid.


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About Harris Utilities

HarrisUtilities is the leading provider of utility technology in North America andthe Caribbean. Its SmartWorks division is a group of leading engineers,software innovators and product specialists united to develop original andfocused applications directly for the smart grid market that are easy toimplement and most relevant to consumers. Harris Utilities SmartWorks’ goal isto create whole new categories of products that will transform the industry andevolve the smart grid.


HarrisUtilities’ smart grid technology includes two key solutions. The first is MeterSense , a scalable, configurable and powerful meter datamanagement (MDM) solution that quickly manages and intelligently interpretsgrowing volumes of critical smart meter data. The second, CustomerConnect , is a customer engagement solution that givescustomers direct, web-based access to account information and unprecedentedinsight into resource use which helps utilities demonstrate the value of, andpower behind, their smart infrastructure investments.




HarrisUtilities SmartWorks

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