Mobile Area Water & Sewer System using MeterSense data management software to enhance service to commercial and industrial accounts
March 26, 2013

Ottawa,ON-March 26, 2013—Mobile Area Water & Sewer System(MAWSS) is using MeterSense, Harris Utilities’ meter data management (MDM)solution, to provide some of its largest commercial and industrial (C&I)customers with advanced meter data analytics that enhance customer service.


Located in Mobile, Alabama, MAWSS provideswater and sanitary sewer services to approximately 88,000 customers. Approximately4,500 of those customers are C&I accounts. A six-month pilot program conductedin 2012 and which included approximately 550 of MAWSS’ largest C&I accounts,helped demonstrate how advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) could improveoperational efficiency and customer service.


The utility’s AMI solution, which includesMeterSense in conjunction with Sensus FlexNet meters, will automate routinefunctions such as meter reads and read validations, improve meter read accuracyand furnish customers with data-rich information. MAWSS hopes these changeswill help the utility deliver even more timely and accurate meter readings,minimize estimates and bill averaging, and reduce the number of calls end usersmake to its call centers.


MAWSS is hopeful MeterSense will yieldfurther benefits. For example, the utility plans to use the solution’s nativeanalytics functions to calculate and track water losses across its grid. Italso aims to use such tools to understand how rainfall volumes in the Mobilearea—which are nearly double that of the national average—affect demand forwater in MAWSS’ service area.


“MeterSense’s native analytics tools areamong the most sophisticated on the market,” said Norm Daigle, Executive VicePresident of Harris Utilities SmartWorks, the smart grid innovation engine ofHarris Utilities that created MeterSense. “Water utilities such as MAWSS cantake advantage of the solution’s continuous-consumption validation routine andloss-analysis tool to quickly identify and resolve sources of lost revenue.”


MAWSS plans to convert all of its C&Iaccounts to AMI by 2014. It expects to draw on intelligence derived fromMeterSense throughout the life of the project to make its operations moreefficient and its service to end users better than ever before.



AboutMobile Area Water & Sewer System

Mobile Area Water & Sewer System(MAWSS) provides water and sanitary sewer services to more than 88,000customers in the greater Mobile community. The utility draws water from the J.B. Converse Reservoir, which spans 3,600 acres and is continually fed bygroundwater, streams and rainfall. As one of the largest environmental andpublic-health protection institutions in the Mobile area, MAWSS is dedicated toproviding exemplary drinking water to area homes and businesses whileprotecting the environment.


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AboutHarris Utilities

Harris Utilities is the leading provider ofutility technology in North America and the Caribbean. Its SmartWorks divisionis a group of leading engineers, software innovators and product specialistsunited to develop original and focused applications directly for the smart gridmarket that are easy to implement and most relevant to consumers. HarrisUtilities SmartWorks’ goal is to create whole new categories of products thatwill transform the industry and evolve the smart grid.


Harris Utilities’ smart grid technologyincludes two key solutions. The first is MeterSense ,a scalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution thatquickly manages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smartmeter data. The second, CustomerConnect ,is a customer engagement solution that gives customers direct, web-based accessto account information and unprecedented insight into resource use which helpsutilities demonstrate the value of, and power behind, their smartinfrastructure investments.


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