City of West University Place, TX Goes Live on Innoprise Community Development
February 15, 2013

City of WestUniversity Place, TX Goes Live on Innoprise Community Development


BROOMFIELD, CO – February 5, 2013: Harris Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) is pleased to announce that the City of West University Place, TX went live on InnopriseCommunity Development just last month.


Innoprise Community Developmentsoftware automates the creation, issuance, and tracking of public sectorcommunity development activities. The solution encompasses required end-to-endbusiness processes that support city and county planning, zoning, permitting,building plan review, building inspections, licensing, and code enforcement.


Many customers like the City ofWest University Place, Texas choose the Innoprise Community Developmentsoftware for its intuitive web interface, integrated workflow, and an easy touse and innovative reporting engine. The system provides seamless navigationand in one-click, users can download selected information from the system intoa spreadsheet, merge into user-defined templates or mailing labels or sendemails to individual or multiple accounts. 


Customers can easily set up andtailor the system-based on their business requirements with the Innoprisesystem configuration tools. “System configuration could not have been easierand data conversion was completed with few problems,” said John Brown, Building Official for theCity. Innoprise Community Development gives organizations a significantadvantage in reducing maintenance, simplifying changes, and lowering overalltotal ownership costs.


The Innoprise ProfessionalServices team prides themselves with providing unmatched implementation andworking as a partner with its customers during the entire implementationprocess. “The City of West University Place expresses its gratitude to GailSorensen and the Innoprise Community Development technical team for thesuccessful implementation of the ComDev Application Suite - in only 6 months!,”added Brown.


The City of West UniversityPlace, TX has been a customer since 2009 and uses the Innoprise Financials,Customer Information System (CIS) and Centralized Cash Receipting (CCR)modules. The City also went live on the Innoprise Payroll module earlier inJanuary.


“I believe the biggest factor forour success was the dedication of Innoprise staff to our project and theirpatience and listening abilities with our staff. I’m very pleased with theresults of our project,” said Chris Peifer, Assistant CityManager and Director of Public Works.

About West University Place, TX

The City of West University Placeis known as a Neighborhood City — providing its nearly 15,000 residents withworld class city services and being responsive to citizen needs. Located in theheart of the Houston metropolitan area, it’s where you’ll find tree linedstreets, well-maintained homes, and safe neighborhoods. Almost all street namesin West University Place are allusions to universities, colleges, and poetsthroughout the United States and the world.

The pragmatism of the city’searly residents resulted in the development of its first park, Wier Park, atBelmont and Sunset, in 1930. With most of the city’s park land donated by earlyresidents and developers, West U continues to take pride in the greenery andopen recreational space offered at six developed parks in existence today.


In 1939, the City exhibitedconfidence in its own political maturity and the character of its citizens byrefusing to consolidate with its larger, powerful neighbor, the City ofHouston. The confidence was solidified in adoption of the first City Charter in1940.


Over the years, the City hasprogressed steadily toward its present position as one of the area’s mostdesirable neighborhoods. Civic-minded citizens and a responsive,customer-service oriented city government, combined with a proximity to majorbusiness, educational, cultural, and scientific centers, have contributed to asteady increase in property values. In 2011, the Houston Business Journal namedWest UniversityPlace # 1 for quality of lifein a study of communities in the southern United States.


With a philosophy that combinesrich traditions and responsible innovation, West University Place has become amodel small city.


West University Place operatesunder the Council-Manager form of government. The City Council enactslegislation, adopts budgets, establishes policies, and appoints the CityManager, City Secretary, City Attorney, Municipal Court judges, andprosecutors.


The City Council consists of aMayor and four Council members and are elected as representatives from the cityat large. They are elected on a non-partisan basis in an election held everyother year.


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