Benton County, AR Selects Harris ERP’s Innoprise Software
February 15, 2013

BROOMFIELD, CO – February1, 2013: Harris Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ispleased to announce that Benton County, AR has selected our Innoprise Financials and Human Resources modules.

Benton County hasbeen a GEMS customer since 2003. When the State of Arkansas recently changedthe account structure to a four-digit fund, the County looked to Innoprise.

Whenwe found out that we had to change our software to allow us to stay up with ourstate laws that were changing,we wanted to go with a company thathad excellent support service. Wewanted to go with a software that wasproven and performed perfect and was user friendly. We wanted a software thatwas affordable,” explains Gary Rice,Application Specialist for the County .There was only one that gave us everythingthat we were looking for…..Innoprise .”

The easyto use analytical tools in Innoprise's Financial Software combine power andflexibility, providing customers with accurate information to make informedstrategic and operational decisions. The system provides faster access toinformation, the ability to easily share information across the enterprise, andone-touch reporting.

TheInnoprise Human Resources module satisfies the needs of Human ResourceInformation Management by combining all aspects of Human Resources, Employeeand Manager Self Service into a single solution eliminating unnecessaryreplication of data and process typically associated with traditional systems.

BentonCounty is the sixth GEMS customer who has chosen to migrate to Innoprise. Theproject is expected to be completed in early 2014.

About Benton County, AR

Longtime known as the“Cornerstone of the State,” Benton County is located in the extreme northwestcorner of Arkansas and borders Missouri and Oklahoma. This region isgeographically part of the Ozark Plateau. In the past this area was a NativeAmerican hunting ground for the Osage Indians; timberland; and a major fruitproducer. More recently the county has become one of the fastest growing andeconomic growth centers in the country; current population is 225,504.

With over 300,000 acres offarmland, Benton County continues its agricultural history today by leading thestate in poultry production and rating 3rdnationally for broiler production.Other important crops include hay, pasture land and livestock.

The largest service &retail employer is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., which has their world headquarters locatedin Bentonville. Numerous Fortune 500 companies (as well as smaller firms) haveregional offices in Benton County to support their accounts at Wal-Mart. MoneyMagazine ranks Benton County #15 for jobs in the nation with a recorded 32.1%job growth from 2000-2009.

Today Benton County hasbecome one of the top places in the country to visit - 'Travel & Leisure'ranks Bentonville as #12 on the Hottest Travel Destinations in the World thanksin part to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

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