Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities chooses MeterSense and CustomerConnect to increase customer service and boost operational efficiency
January 23, 2013

Ottawa, ON-December 11, 2012—The Orangeburg Department of PublicUtilities (DPU) selected MeterSense and CustomerConnect—the meter datamanagement (MDM) and customer engagement solutions of Harris Utilities SmartWorks,the innovation engine of Harris Utilities—to help the utility make stronger analyticaldecisions and improve customer service.


Locatedin South Carolina, the municipal-owned utility provides electricity, gas, waterand wastewater services to nearly 75,000 customers in Orangeburg County. Utilitymanagers decided they could advance their operational efficiency and enhancetheir customer service by making new smart grid investments. They chose Harris UtilitiesSmartWorks’ solutions to anchor the technology not only because of theapplications’ ease of use, configurability and integration with existingenterprise technologies, but also because the products exceeded the utility’sexpressed requirements for analytics functions, automation capabilities and enhancedcustomer involvement.


Oncefully implemented across all 63,000 Orangeburg DPU meters, MeterSense inparticular will help the utility:

-       promote service reliability byidentifying peak load times and initiating outage responses,

-       eliminate losses across itselectricity, gas and water networks,

-       automate meter reads, disconnects andservice orders,

-       introduce current-limiting programs forpriority customers,

-       upgrade infrastructure using the mostcomplete data possible, and

-       implement a future pre-paid solution.


“We decidedto implement MeterSense before selecting a partner to provide our advancedmetering infrastructure,” said John Bagwell, Director, Electric Division atOrangeburg DPU. “We see the MDM as being the brains of our whole implementation.We felt it was important to have MeterSense in place before we begin collectingdata from our new advanced meters so that we can take advantage of smart griddata the moment it starts coming in.”


CustomerConnect to give customerscontrol over energy-use profiles

Inaddition to the benefits it hopes to take from MeterSense, Orangeburg DPU plansto use CustomerConnect to transform the way it interacts with its customers.


“CustomerConnectgives our customers instant access to their energy usage data and basicanalytics calculations,” said Bagwell. “That was important for us. We expect touse the solution to reach out to customers in new ways, to educate them aboutways to control their consumption costs and to get them involved in newconservation programs.”


NormDaigle, executive vice-president, Harris Utilities SmartWorks, said thatOrangeburg DPU has demonstrated a clear vision for its smart grid solution thatwill serve the utility well:


“OrangeburgDPU is not only implementing a best-in-class smart grid solution from atechnological standpoint, but also staging the technology launch in an optimalway,” he said. “Utilities that implement solutions of a similar scope and whichdo so by introducing an MDM such as MeterSense before selecting an AMI partnercan expect to realize immediate benefits from their new smart technologies.”


Bytransforming meter data into valuable business intelligence and connectingutilities with their customers in innovative new ways MeterSense andCustomerConnect help utilities such as Orangeburg DPU make better operationaldecisions and enhance customer service.


About Orangeburg DPU

TheOrangeburg Department of Public Utilities provides gas, electricity, water andwastewater services to more than 75,000 customers in Orangeburg County, SouthCarolina. Operated as a not-for-profit public service, DPU is overseen by a publiclyelected City Council. Its mandate is to provide the highest quality of serviceto its customers and to help promote local economic development.


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About Harris Utilities SmartWorks

SmartWorksis the innovation engine of Harris Utilities. Harris Utilities SmartWorks’ currentportfolio includes two key solutions. The first is MeterSense, a scalable,configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quicklymanages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smart meterdata. The second, CustomerConnect, is a customer engagement solution that givescustomers direct, web-based access to account information and unprecedentedinsight into resource use which helps utilities demonstrate the value of, andpower behind, their smart infrastructure investments.


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