Braintree Electric Light Department chooses MeterSense and CustomerConnect to interpret and act on raw meter data, and engage customers in energy-savings programs
January 23, 2013

Ottawa, ON-January 16, 2013— Braintree Electric Light Department(BELD) has chosen MeterSense and CustomerConnect , Harris Utilities’ meter datamanagement (MDM) solution and customer engagement solution (CES), to makestronger operational decisions and bring the value and intelligence of itssmart infrastructure directly into thehands of its customers.

MeterSenseis an advanced MDM solution that transforms raw smart meter data into valuablebusiness intelligence and enables utilities to improve business process and enhancecustomer service. CustomerConnect is a web-based data presentment tool thatenables customers to access and interpret their consumption patterns, whichhelps them make smarter choices about resource use, reduce their bills and supportutility conservation goals.

BELD,which has been a customer of Harris Utilities since 1999, provides electricservices to approximately 16,000 residential and business customers in easternMassachusetts. The utility began the deployment of its advanced meteringinfrastructure (AMI) in June 2011 and supplemented that new technology with an MDMand a CES to draw optimal value from its hardware investment. Specifically, itsought an MDM solution that integrated seamlessly with its existing enterprisesolutions (including Harris Utilities’ NorthStar customer information system),offered advanced analytics functions and automated routine processes. BELD alsowanted a CES that was easy to use and could encourage more end users toparticipate in conservation programs.

MeterSense transforms raw meter datainto actionable intelligence

“MeterSensewas the obvious choice for our MDM solution because it offers a range offunctionality that perfectly suits the needs of municipal electric utilities likeus,” said Gail Cohen, Business Manager at BELD. “We expect to use MeterSense toeliminate all the manual processes we follow now and therefore save time andmoney. We also plan to use the solution to help us make better business decisionsabout setting rates and making investments, and to perform deep analysis intoevents, alarms and losses on our grid so we can understand why these problemsoccur and solve them quickly.”

Cohenadded that MeterSense offered two further key benefits. First, its customizablerules engine enabled BELD to configure the application to the utility’s preciseneeds and therefore yield the greatest value from AMI data. Second, itsdemonstrated capacity for integration gave the utility confidence that MeterSensewould perform seamlessly with BELD’s existing hardware and softwaretechnologies.

CustomerConnect engages end users inconsumption-management initiatives

“Wechose CustomerConnect because it is easy to use—and remarkably sophisticated,”she said. “We expect that by presenting consumption data to our customers on anear-real time basis, CustomerConnect will create a powerful connection for ourcustomers between energy consumed and money spent. We hope that every BELDcustomer will want to use CustomerConnect, and we want to use the solution topromote our energy-savings programs to target audiences.”

AlthoughBELD enjoys a long-standing relationship with Harris Utilities, the utilityselected MeterSense and CustomerConnect because of the sophistication andsimplicity of each solution and the potential of each to help BELD meet itsoperational and customer-service goals.

NormDaigle, executive vice-president of Harris Utilities SmartWorks—the innovationengine of Harris Utilities that created MeterSense and CustomerConnect—said theBELD implementation confirms the additional value that an MDM and a customer engagementsolution can bring to a utility’s smart grid solution.

“AMIis an essential component of a smart grid solution,” said Daigle. “Introducedon its own, however, it yields limited benefits. A utility that wants to getthe most out of its smart grid investment must introduce an MDM like MeterSenseto interpret raw data and turn that information into valuable businessintelligence. A customer engagement solution such as CustomerConnect further booststhe value of the smart grid by connecting end users with meter data almostinstantly.”

Powerfuland intuitive, MeterSense and CustomerConnect can help any utility get morevalue than ever before from its smart meters and bring the intelligence of the smartgrid into the hands of its consumers.

About Braintree Electric LightDepartment (BELD)

BELDsupplies electric service to approximately 16,000 residential and businesscustomers in the town of Braintree, Massachusetts. The utility operatesgeneration, transmission and distribution facilities across a 14-square-mileservice territory that is served by 148 miles of overhead lines and 88 miles ofunderground lines. BELD operates three electric distribution substations andtwo 115 kilovolt (kV) transmission interchange substations, and is connected totwo separate 115 kV NStar transmission lines that are part of the ISO NewEngland electric grid.

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About Harris Utilities SmartWorks

SmartWorksis the innovation engine of Harris Utilities. Harris Utilities SmartWorks’current portfolio includes two key solutions. The first is MeterSense, ascalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution thatquickly manages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smartmeter data. The second, CustomerConnect, is a customer engagement solution thatgives customers direct, web-based access to account information andunprecedented insight into resource use, which helps utilities demonstrate thevalue of, and power behind, their smart infrastructure investments.

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