NorthStar Redefines Automation in latest version of customer-information system application
May 1, 2012

Latest customer-information system automates processes, simplifies workflows and enhances auditing and reporting.

Ottawa, ON-May 1, 2012-NorthStar Utilities Solutions has released a major technology upgrade of its flagship customer-information system (CIS), NorthStar 6.4 Automation. The latest release features three new performance enhancements that enable utilities to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The key feature of NorthStar 6.4 Automation is the Automation Platform, a highly configurable and powerful tool that enables users to schedule and run routine tasks on regular or event-driven bases. Virtually any process that a utility conducts manually-such as issuing bills, creating service orders or verifying meter data-can be run through the Automation Platform, thereby freeing valuable staff time. A sophisticated Notifications feature further supports the Automation Platform by delivering instant messages and emails to selected users each time events created in the Automation Platform begin, end, are modified or require attention.

In addition to offering process-automation capabilities, NorthStar 6.4 Automation includes a configuration-driven at-a-Glance screen that enables administrative users to view capsule summaries of the current states of any accounts on their CIS system databases. Users can click through each summary module to access detailed analytics, and can quickly and easily configure the at-a-glance window to suit their precise requirements.

Finally, NorthStar 6.4 Automation is the first version of the CIS application to introduce geographic information system (GIS) functionality. Users can now enhance account data with spatial information to better issue regional service orders, notify customers of planned service interruptions, add or disconnect services, and track billing streams according to local information.

"NorthStar 6.4 Automation is the most sophisticated and valuable version of our flagship CIS application that we have ever released," says Normand Daigle, executive vice president of NorthStar Utilities Solutions. "It brings the power and value of automation and workflow efficiency into the hands of the utility and ultimately enables our customers to serve their consumers better than ever before."

NorthStar 6.4 Automation functions on any operating platform and performs in the mostdemanding environments. It's supplemented with a suite of add-on products that enable utilities to maximize efficiency and profitability.

About NorthStar Utilities Solutions

NorthStar Utilities Solutions, a division of Harris Utilities, has delivered integrated solutions for utilities' billing, customer-information and financial-data management needs for more than 30 years. More than 200 customers in North America and the Caribbean use NorthStar CIS solutions to manage revenues, deliver superior customer service, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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