Introducing MeterSense 3.4 - Analytics Plus, the future of the smart grid
April 18, 2012

Ottawa, ON-April 18, 2012 - Sophisticated analytics tools and intuitive usability functions are just a few of the features that have been enhanced in MeterSense 3.4-Analytics Plus, the latest version of Harris Utilities' flagship meter data management (MDM) solution.

Enhanced to help utilities further leverage their smart grid intelligence, MeterSense 3.4-Analytics Plus unlocks new data that can be used with even greater sophistication and ease. Existing MeterSense customers can upgrade to MeterSense 3.4-Analytics Plus in a single, brief support session through Harris Utilities' Software for Life policy.

MeterSense 3.4-Analytics Plus' new tools include:

  • A loss-analysis tool that calculates and analyzes loss profiles at various distribution points, from electrical substations to distribution transformers, from water treatments plants to water mains. This tool enables utilities to quickly identify and resolve theft, leaks and other lost revenue.
  • A rate-impact analysis report that enables administrators to assess the potential impact of planned rate changes on utility customers and revenue streams.
  • A continuous-consumption function that uses validation routines to accurately and quickly detect leaks.

"Smart grid data is loaded with valuable business intelligence," says Rob DiMurro, president of Harris Utilities. "With analytics, the key is to reverse the traditional approach. First proactively identify business goals and then use the smarts of the MeterSense-3.4 Analytics Plus to decode grid data and measure performance against those goals."

In addition to its augmented analytics tools, MeterSense's user interface has been upgraded to make the application more intuitive and more easily customized. This improves workflow for customer service representatives and operations personnel through the following:

  • A location-summary dashboard enables users to quickly gather all data relating to a customer's location, including area maps, consumption graphs, and details of all meter events, service orders and MeterSense tasks.
  • Improved reporting infrastructure helps users build, schedule, save and deliver reports with greater ease than before.
  • A list of previously viewed meters facilitates user navigation among all previously accessed meter accounts.
  • A My Menu interface enables each user to quickly access their most commonly used tools and reports.

"Every new function we introduce to MeterSense is a direct response to expressed customer needs," says DiMurro. "We are constantly refining all our software solutions to ensure they continue to meet the precise requirements of our utility-sector clients across North America and the Caribbean."

MeterSense-3.4 Analytics Plus features a series of additional back-end process improvements that: expand compliance with the MultiSpeak specification, improve billing processes for clients, and enhance validation, estimation and editing processes to support time-of-use registers.

About MeterSense

MeterSense is a scalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quickly manages and intelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smart meter data. Designed on an open framework, MeterSense integrates with any customer information system (CIS) and provides customer-engagement and analytics tools to maximize smart grid investments, tying them into the utility with configurable, intelligent workflows.

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