Harris Acquires Cognera Corporation
April 5, 2012

Ottawa, Ontario – April 5, 2012 - Harris Computer Systems (“Harris”), a leading provider of financial, customer and public safety management software solutions for utilities, local governments and public safety agencies, purchased Cognera Corporation (“Cognera”) of Calgary, Alberta.

Cognera provides a managed services platform that is used by competitive commercial retailers for billing and settlement services as well as by municipal customers in Alberta and Ontario for residential billing. The Cognera solution supports the billing of a wide variety of commodities including electricity, gas, water, waste water and recycling.

As a result of the purchase, Cognera will become a business unit within the Harris Utilities Group and will continue to focus on providing a high level of customer engagement including industry and regulatory expertise to its customers from its base in Calgary.

Harris Utilities Group President Rob DiMurro stated, "We welcome the employees and customers of Cognera to the Harris family. Cognera and its managed services platform are a significant addition to our existing portfolio and we look forward to continuing the success that Cognera has realized to date. The Cognera managed services platform will become a core offering within Harris Utilities and we believe it has great potential.”

ENTx Capital Corporation partner William Steadman commented “We are pleased that Cognera will continue its record of success within Harris and believe that both the Cognera employees and customers will benefit from being part of the Harris family.”

For further information, contact:

Harris Computer Systems
Rob DiMurro, President Harris Utilities Group
Telephone Local: (613) 226-5511 ext 2146