Sensus and Harris Computer Systems Collaborate to Offer Comprehensive Suite of Utility Enterprise Software
March 20, 2012

Raleigh, N.C. (March 20, 2012)– Sensus is partnering with leading utility software provider Harris Computer Systems to integrate its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation solutions with Harris’ utility software solutions. The collaboration will enable the delivery of smart grid solutions to new and existing utility customers.

The escalating number of smart meters and distribution automation devices being deployed underscores the need for utilities to integrate and simplify operations. The Harris utility applications now available to Sensus customers offer a completely integrated suite of software solutions for meter data management, asset management and consumer engagement. The modular and scalable suite is designed for quick deployment and priced to suit the needs of small and mid-sized electric, gas and water utilities.

The technology provided by Sensus and Harris immediately equips utilities with solutions that:

  • Enable increased consumer engagement
  • Provide advanced grid and consumer analytics
  • Enhance operational efficiencies in utility distribution networks

According to Matthew Zafuto, vice president of corporate strategy and global business development for Sensus, smaller utilities need increased sophistication at an affordable price point. “Through this partnership, Sensus can provide small and mid-sized utilities with a comprehensive solution that’s scaled for immediate needs and enables them to address future requirements,” Zafuto said. “By substantially reducing integration and deployment time, the Sensus-Harris combination can deliver extraordinary value to our utility clients.”

“Harris’ comprehensive smart grid solutions allow utilities to manage and, most importantly, interpret the growing volumes of data created by advanced metering infrastructure and distribution automation implementations,” said Rob DiMurro, President, Harris Utilities Group. “We are extremely excited about our partnership with Sensus, and our collaboration will provide the tools to further help utilities to monitor and improve the efficiency of their assets and distribution networks,” said DiMurro.

About Sensus

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