MS Govern today announced that the City of Logan, Utah is live on Innoprise Payroll software
January 20, 2012

BROOMFIELD, CO January 20, 2012. MS Govern today announced that the City of Logan, Utah is live on Innoprise Payroll software. The new software replaces a legacy system that had been in place for over 20 years. The City has 450 full-time and 200 part-time employees. Logan provides city services to approximately 48,657 citizens.

The City of Logan took on one of the most active roles for a client in their payroll implementation, said Chris Haywood, Director of Implementation for MS Govern. They used their test database onsite to resolve the majority of their conversion challenges and assist them with their deployment. The Logan team consisted of two dedicated staff actively implementing the Innoprise Payroll system and three additional staff members who did data entry and verified information and progress throughout the implementation.

Implementing new software for any City can be demanding at times, said Rich Anderson, Director Finance for the City. Our hands on involvement in the payroll implementation gave us a level of familiarity with the new software that we could not have gotten otherwise, he explained.

Now that Logan is running Innoprise Payroll, they feel much more confident in the accuracy of their payroll information. Our legacy software had so many modifications to the programming that information, in certain instances, was not accurate and had to be manually monitored and adjusted for accuracy to be reliable, said Anderson. With the new software City users now have the ability to access payroll information easily and export and manipulate that information effortlessly. With our legacy software, not only would this type of request involve IT experts, but would often come with a waiting period and manual effort to get the data into a usable form, he added.

Although the implementation was rigorous, our staff walked away with an extensive knowledge of the payroll application. All of our effort during implementation has reduced the amount of time for our users to become familiar with the new system, said Anderson. We are looking forward to new releases to the software to assist us in moving forward digitally, he added.

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