Harris Utilities introduces inCharge, a new prepaid solution for utilities
June 5, 2013

Ottawa, ON—Harris Utilities today formally releasedinCharge, the prepaid metering solution that gives consumers absolute controlover their utility services by allowing them to purchase these services on-demand.  Rich with sophisticated tools that allowconsumers to pay on their own terms and help them understand how to conserveresources, inCharge can be implemented in any utility environment – regardlessof size or commodities distributed. 

“inCharge gives utilities peace of mind by allowing them toprovide the best service possible with the least amount of disruption to theirbilling cycle,” says Brad Atchison, executive vice-president of inCharge.  “For consumers it lets them pay on their ownterms, and helps them understand how to conserve resources while bettermanaging their budget.” 

inCharge offers peace of mind for utilities by:

inCharge establishes an open and direct relationship betweenutilities and their customers. It allows consumers to:


Giving consumers on-demand access to account and usage data,inCharge demonstrates and enhances the value of advanced metering systems andhelps utilities realize cost savings. Connecting consumers to their data in fresh and exciting ways also opensup new communication channels for utilities to connect with their consumersproactively, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Developed by HarrisUtilities with more than 35 years’ experience devoted solely to the utilityindustry, inCharge is a best-in-class prepaid metering solution providingfreedom and control.

For more information visit www.harrisutilities.com/incharge

About HarrisUtilities

Harris Utilities is the leading provider of utility technology inNorth America and the Caribbean.  ItsSmartWorks division develops original and focused applications directly for thesmart grid market that are easy to implement and most relevant to consumers.  Harris Utilities SmartWorks’ goal is tocreate whole new categories of products that will transform the industry andevolve the smart grid. 


The SmartWorks portfolio includes a growing number of innovativeproducts that are essential to advance business intelligence and enableunprecedented interaction between utilities and their customers.  Currently the portfolio includes three keysolutions: MeterSense ,  ascalable, configurable and powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quickly manages and intelligently interprets growingvolumes of critical smart meter data; CustomerConnect , a sophisticated web-basedconsumer engagement solution; and inCharge anintegrated prepaid utility solution.





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