City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Modernizes Revenue Management by Integrating Latest Tax System with System Innovators’ iNovah for Real-time Inquiry and Updates across the Enterprise.
June 19, 2017

System Innovators (SI), a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, is pleased to announce that the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin has requested additional services to integrate its new tax system with iNovah Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM) solution. The City is currently live on iNovah within the Licensing, Sanitation and Tax departments, processing up to 300,000 transactions annually through the centralized cashiering and ERM solution.

Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, Wisconsin is home to over 600,000 residents making it the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the 31st largest city in the US. The integration project will include additional real-time interfaces with the City’s tax receivables and general ledger systems, resulting in faster payment processing, elimination of duplication efforts and reduce the potential for error.

iNovah is an Enterprise Revenue Management (ERM) hub that has been integrated over 700 times to many government account receivable systems. The concept of an ERM hub materialized through the ability to seamlessly connect or plug in many government systems to iNovah. The integration will provide City with a streamlined process to provide City staff with greater capabilities to manage, control, report and audit across the enterprise.

System Innovators will work closely with the City of Milwaukee and use its extensive cashiering experience, knowledge and expertise to facilitate the implementation and delivery of the integration between iNovah and the City’s new tax system.

About System Innovators

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