Outagamie County, WI Selects CityView
January 17, 2017

The County Will Implement CityView Workspace Incorporating the latest in Browser technology.

CityView is pleased to announce that Outagamie County, WI has selected the CityView suite of solutions for its Land Management needs.

Outagamie County will be implementing CityView’s industry leading browser interface, CityView Workspace, for Property Information,Permits & Inspections, Planning, Business Licensing, Animal Licensing, Cashiering and Electronic Plans Review. In addition, CityView will be configured to support the County’s agricultural inventory process and will provide a means for waste haulers to self-report via the CityView Portal

Kara Homan, AICP – Outagamie County Planning Director and project sponsor had this to say about the selection decision: “As a County, we are always looking for opportunities to better manage our workflows in ways that ultimately put our customers and constituents first. By partnering with CityView, our goal is to increase public access and transparency in our various permitting and licensing functions.”

“Our comprehensive workflow capabilities enable jurisdictions like Outagamie County to manage even their most sophisticated business processes and we’re increasingly being recognized for that distinction in the marketplace,” said Sean Higgins, Executive Vice President of CityView. “We’re looking forward to helping the County increase efficiency and assist their customers using the latest in browser technologies, together with the user-assist design for easy learning and rapid processing that CityView Workspace is becoming known for.”

Outagamie County was created in 1851 by separation from Brown County. Outagamie County, covering 640 square miles, is located in east-central Wisconsin, along the Fox River. The region was once the hunting and fishing grounds for several Native American tribes including the Menominee, Outagamie and Winnebago. The name Outagamie is derived from a Native American word meaning “dwellers on either shore” or “dwellers on the other side of the stream.”

With a population of just over 177k, Outagamie County is the third largest metropolitan area in the State of Wisconsin, and one of the fastest growing. Well-known people from the Outagamie County region include escape artist Harry Houdini and actor Willem Dafoe.

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