Passaic Valley Water Commission goes live with CIS Infinity
October 20, 2015

Clifton, NJ and Toronto, ON

One of the largest public purveyors of water in the state of New Jersey, Passaic Valley Water Commission (PVWC), has implemented CIS Infinity, the customer information and billing solution (CIS) from Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation (Advanced).

PVWC completed the implementation on schedule in April. Along with CIS Infinity, PVWC also deployed Infinity.Link (online customer self-service portal) and Infinity.Mobile (mobile service order automation). The opportunity to improve its current business processes and integration of functions was the primary reason for implementing a new CIS at PVWC.

“CIS Infinity and its complementary systems provides us with one integrated solution that lets us take advantage of the customer service and billing best practices embedded in a modern CIS system. With the expertise, experience and vast knowledge Advanced provided during our implementation we were able to successfully modify our current business processes to empower PVWC staff to operate more efficiently,” said Joseph Bella, Executive Director of Passaic Valley Water Commission.

A chief factor in increasing efficiency is improving workflow. Of particular importance to PVWC was the ability to use mobile technology to automate the service order process.

“By implementing our award-winning solution, Infinity.Mobile, PVWC is able to increase the speed and accuracy in which service orders can be completed,” said Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President of Advanced. “By eliminating manual, paper-based service order processes, Infinity.Mobile makes their workflow infinitely more streamlined and allows PVWC staff to do their jobs without having to deal with administrative errors and inefficiencies.”

The Passaic Valley Water Commission owns, operates, and maintains an extensive water system which enables PVWC to provide potable drinking water to about one million people. The water system includes one water treatment plant and 650 miles of water distribution piping. As a large public potable water purveyor, PVWC is committed to providing its customers with safe, high quality water and service. PVWC has been innovative in acquiring other water utilities and selling wholesale treated water. PVWC also provides customer service operations, laboratory services, and maintenance services for a number of other water utilities / jurisdictions.

About Harris Utilities
Harris Utilities, an operating group of Harris Computer Systems, is the leading provider of utility technology in North America and the Caribbean. Harris Utilities provides enterprise level integrated solutions for customer information, utility billing, financial management, and smart grid applications. With over 35 years of industry experience, thousands of customers depend on our portfolio of focused products developed directly for the utilities market.

Its Advanced Utility Systems division was established in 1997 to provide Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to utilities and municipalities. Advanced has built its organization around its core competency: serving utilities’ needs with state-of-the art software and support.

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Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President
Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation
(888) 355-7772 x231

Joseph Bella, Executive Director
Passaic Valley Water Commission
(973) 340-4300