Mecklenburg County, NC Selects Harris Govern‘s Business Tax Suite of Solutions
April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015: Charlotte, NC and Plano, TX: Harris Govern, a division of Harris Computer Systems, is pleased to name Mecklenburg County, North Carolina as its newest customer.

Mecklenburg County, NC becomes Harris Govern’s Newest Customer on the Business Tax Suite for the Office of the Tax Collector (OTC) to actively manage, process, and enforce collections for all gross revenue based business tax programs within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

The County acquired the Govern Software, the Most Configurable Software in the Industry, to manage its business tax collections. Through the Business Tax Suite with its Business License module, field Audit Mobile module and the eGovern Public Self Service Portal Suite, the County will automate tax filing and remittance for different tax types that are managed and collected by the OTC. These tax programs include Room Occupancy Tax, Prepared Food & Beverage Tax, Vehicle Rental Tax, U-Drive-It Tax, and Heavy Equipment Tax. Business Tax Collections, a business unit within the Office of the Tax Collector (OTC), is also responsible for administering the privilege (business) license tax, issuing garage and attic sale privilege licenses, and producer peddler licenses, and responding to customer inquiries.

As the Director of the Office of the Tax Collector with a citizenry of more than one million people, I am excited about any software advancement that can quickly and accurately streamline our business tax programs. The breadth and scope of the Govern program, coupled with its user-friendly design, make it the obvious choice to satisfy our complex needs,” said Mr. Neal Dixon, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Tax Collector.

Our Business Tax Customer list keeps growing and we are very excited to add Mecklenburg County as our newest Customer and Harris Govern user. The Govern Software will provide the County with an integrated, configurable, innovative and comprehensive “Tax and Licensing” management, administration, filing, renewal, collection, and audit system. Using the eGovern Suite, the County will extend its eGovernment services to businesses where they could file their tax returns and pay for taxes and fees online all through an “OneStop” process while saving businesses countless hours of manual efforts. With its configurability, the Govern Software will enable the County to evolve and tailor its environment as driven by internal and external needs. We look forward to a successful project implementation and ongoing partnership with Mecklenburg County,” says Richard Beaini; Vice President, Major Accounts.

About Mecklenburg County, NC
Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 and it was named in commemoration of the marriage of King George III to Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, for whom the County seat Charlotte is named. Mecklenburg County was formed from the western part of Anson County and the first official governmental action took place in February 1763.

The North Carolina State Constitution, approved in 1868, gave the citizens of all counties the right to elect a Board of County Commissioners to govern them. From 1868 to 1986, Mecklenburg County was governed by a five member board elected at-large. The first seven-member board took office in 1986 and in 1994, the first nine-member Board took office. Six members are elected by districts and three are elected at-large.

The Board's primary responsibilities are to adopt an annual budget, set a property tax rate and establish priorities to address the County's needs, especially in the areas of health, education, welfare and mental health.

The Board has set a vision for the community. The Board's vision is summed up in the following statement: "Mecklenburg County will be a community of pride and choice for people to LIVE, WORK and RECREATE."

Mecklenburg County uses a scorecard to translate its vision to action. The Community & Corporate Scorecard includes 21 measureable goals.

The population of Mecklenburg County is 990,977 people (as of the 2013 census estimate), making it both the most populated and densely populated county in North Carolina. On September 12, 2013, the County welcomed its one millionth resident.

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