The City of Murfreesboro to implement Advanced Utility Systems' CIS Infinity
October 29, 2013

Murfreesboro, TN and Toronto, ON—Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation ("Advanced”) is pleased to announce that the City of Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department, (“MWSD”), has selected Advanced’s CIS Infinity to replace its legacy customer information and utility billing solution.

MWSD is a department of the City supplying municipal water, wastewater, and stormwater services to a population of 110,000. MWSD maintains a service area which includes more than 317 miles of water and 572 miles of wastewater piping. The City owns and operates its own water and wastewater systems.

In late 2012, the City identified the need to replace its legacy Customer Information System (CIS). Increased demand for data analysis, automation, and operational improvements dictated the need for process and system upgrades. MWSD’s current CIS could not meet these demands without additional manual processes, substantial modifications, and significant enhancements. MWSD therefore decided to implement a new, modern enterprise based CIS that would address evolving operational demands in a cost efficient manner.

The selection of a new CIS application began with a Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals. After detailed demonstrations from qualified vendors and thorough reference checks, MWSD selected Advanced Utility Systems and CIS Infinity.

As Darren Gore, MWSD Director stated, “With MWSD’s commitment to Effective Utility Management (EUM), and our self-assessment identifying a need to enhance Customer Satisfaction, we are very excited about implementing Advanced Utility System’s CIS Infinity. CIS Infinity offers the flexibility for MWSD to improve our business practices to promote the most efficient interaction between our Customers and Customer Service staff. The ability to engage customers and quickly process their requests will not only increase their satisfaction, but improve the confidence and self-sufficiency of our team.”

“We are eager to work with a utility as progressive as MWSD,” states Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President for Advanced. “With the implementation of EUM, MWSD is at the forefront of a key utility industry initiative. We are excited that CIS Infinity will form a key component of MWSD’s EUM performance objectives.”

Advanced was on site in early May to kick off the project.

About Harris Utilities
Harris Utilities, an operating group of Harris Computer Systems, is the leading provider of utility technology in North America and the Caribbean. Harris Utilities provides enterprise level integrated solutions for customer information, utility billing, financial management, and smart grid applications. With over 35 years of industry experience, thousands of customers depend on our portfolio of focused products developed directly for the utilities market.

Its Advanced Utility Systems division was established in 1997 to provide Customer Information and Billing solutions exclusively to utilities and municipalities. Advanced has built its organization around its core competency: serving utilities’ needs with state-of-the art software and support.

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Peter Fanous, Executive Vice President
Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation
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Darren Gore, Director
City of Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department
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