Metro Water Services chooses MeterSense to streamline business processes and boost customer service
May 23, 2013

Ottawa, ON– Metro Water Services (MWS) haschosen MeterSense , the meter data management (MDM) solution fromHarris Utilities, to automate routine processes, enhance service to consumersand draw new insight from meter interval data.

MWS is a department of the Metropolitan Governmentof Nashville and Davidson County. It provides water, wastewater treatment andstormwater management services across more than 182,000 meters to consumers inDavidson County and portions of Rutherford and Williamson Counties. In 2002,the utility reasoned that in order to keep operational costs, and by extension ratesto consumers, low it had to exchange its conventional water meters for automatedmeter reading (AMR) technology. The utility hoped that by remotely reading asmany meters as possible, it could reduce time spent by technicians in the field.

In order to accommodate the replacement of such alarge number of meters, MWS staged its AMR implementation in phases over a10-year period. During the last two years of its meter exchange program—as theuse of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) became more widespread and costeffective for water utilities—MWS partnered with Sensus to implement thevendor’s FlexNet advanced metering technology. MWS completed its AMI and AMRdeployment in 2011. Today, approximately 45,000 of the utility’s water meters runon AMI technology.

To help manage the influx of interval data gatheredby its advanced meters, MWS needed an MDM solution. It chose MeterSense becauseof the solution’s demonstrated track record among water utilities and becauseMeterSense integrated seamlessly with not only Sensus FlexNet meteringtechnology but also enQuesta 4—the customer information system installed at MWSand developed by Systems & Software , a proud member of theHarris Utilities family.

More accuratemeter reads and deeper grid intelligence: just two of MeterSense’s manybenefits

Proven performance and trouble-free integration areonly two of a number of benefits MWS hopes to take away from its MeterSenseimplementation. When the solution goes live on MWS’s systems in 2014, theutility expects to:

- deliver bills that are always based on accurate and current usage data,

- provide real-time consumption data to consumers,

- respond to service requests quicker than ever before,

- identify system leaks and reduce other incidents of unaccounted-forconsumption, and

- automate account activation and de-activation processes, which areparticularly commonplace given the large population of college and universitystudents in Nashville.

Norm Daigle, executive vice-president of HarrisUtilities SmartWorks—the smart grid innovation engine of Harris Utilities thatcreated MeterSense—said the MWS implementation confirms the additional valuethat an MDM solution can bring to a utility’s AMI and AMR technologies.

“Metro Water stands to realize significant benefitsfrom the introduction of MeterSense,” he said. “Although the utility has made greatstrides in automating routine functions via its new metering technologies,MeterSense will take things even further. It will enable MWS to derive evenmore intelligence from its interval meter data and therefore make betterinformed decisions about resource allocation, infrastructure investments andrate changes.”

Sophisticated and powerful, MeterSense enables utilitiesto draw deep insight from grid data, make better operational decisions andserve customers more efficiently than ever before.

About MetroWater Services

Metropolitan Water Services is a municipal water,wastewater and stormwater utility with approximately 235,000 water, sewer andstormwater customer accounts. MWS maintains a 533 square mile service area,including more than 2,900 miles of water and 3,000 miles of wastewater piping.The water system includes two water treatment and three wastewater treatmentplants.

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About HarrisUtilities

Harris Utilities is the leading provider of utilitytechnology in North America and the Caribbean. Its SmartWorks division is agroup of leading engineers, software innovators and product specialists unitedto develop original and focused applications directly for the smart grid marketthat are easy to implement and most relevant to consumers. Harris UtilitiesSmartWorks’ goal is to create whole new categories of products that willtransform the industry and evolve the smart grid.

Harris Utilities’ smart grid technology includes twokey solutions. The first is MeterSense , a scalable, configurableand powerful meter data management (MDM) solution that quickly manages andintelligently interprets growing volumes of critical smart meter data. Thesecond, CustomerConnect , is a customer engagementsolution that gives customers direct, web-based access to account informationand unprecedented insight into resource use which helps utilities demonstratethe value of, and power behind, their smart infrastructure investments.


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