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Top 4 Reasons an Entrepreneur Sells to Harris

We care deeply about our reputation as acquisitions are a key part of what we do. Because of this we believe in being open and transparent about what we believe needs to be done to the businesses we acquire. We believe in letting the selling entrepreneur know exactly what we are going to do and when – we don’t believe in surprises.

Long term commitment to your employees post acquisition – to their employment, career development and opportunities to learn and grow.

Long term commitment to your customers – we are in our markets forever and therefore invest considerable resources to engage, focus and build long term mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Long term commitment to your product – we do not believe in forcing customers to change software solutions and our preference is to continue to enhance and update the solutions we acquire – if this isn’t possible we always provide our customers with a path forward.

Purchase price paid in cash – we structure our purchases to provide the majority of cash on the closing of the acquisition with a portion held back for a period of time to support the representations and warranties included in our purchase agreement.


Top 4 Reasons an Investor Sells to Harris

We close – we are in the business of acquiring other companies – it is what we do for a living.

We’re fast – we can move quickly and have the resources to scale our efforts when required.

We have the financial resources – for the vast majority of the investments we make – we have the committed capital – we do not need to rely on third parties to provide financing.

We understand your needs – we understand the importance of certain representations and warranties and the terms required to meet your closing requirements.