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Once an acquired business is operating efficiently, we focus on building the business through both organic and acquired growth.

Organic ‘‘Initiatives’’: One way that we accomplish our goals of building high market share and growing our share of our customers’ information technology (“IT”) spending is through a series of investments in the development of new add-on modules to existing software solutions and marketing these enhanced solutions to both existing and new clients. We refer to these investments as ‘‘initiatives’’. Each initiative is championed by an employee who is primarily responsible for writing that initiative’s business plan, gathering and sharing market and competitive information and coordinating the resources invested in the initiative.

Acquisitions in our Existing Verticals: We believe that at times it can be more economical to acquire market share, additional products or technology and/or a complementary business rather than build them. We regularly monitor acquisition targets in vertical markets in which we currently operate. Acquisitions may enable us to offer a more comprehensive suite of products to our customers or may allow us to address a sub-segment of the vertical with a differentiated product that is a better fit for our customers.